I Want To Scream

But that wouldn’t help either. Everything that I need is in the room where he decided to lay down and take a nap. I have requested again and again that he use the spare room during the day so I have access to things that I need in the bedroom.  He hates it when I go in there and he is sleeping. (I guess I always wake him up.) However I NEVER  go into the spare room other that to change the sheets, dust and vaccum. 

I would love to leave the house and get all the errands run. However, my clothes are in the bedroom. Today he even taped a note to the door that says please don’t come in here.  I want to go in and scream -“If you want to sleep in the daytime the only quiet safe place to do it is in the spare room!”

To top it all off he left me a “to do list” that impossible to do because he is in there sleeping!  Today I really miss living alone. All I had to take care of was myself. No excuses, no one to blame.  Wow I am really not happy. I guess I had better make some kind of adjustment.

This emotional tyraid didn’t settle me down. Plan B!


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