Humbling Gratitude

  • Having the minds that we do; for some of us, we cannot bring ourselves to become humble and why is that? Our pride gets in the way, of course.
  • People who are less fortunate are looked down upon EVERYDAY by society, only wanting ONE person to smile and say hello, so they can have a brief moment to forget their reality. WHAT reality you ask?
  • The reality is that we are molded by society’s example of just helping ourselves… It’s called “Taking care of your Own.” Haven’t YOU ever struggled, being flooded by obstacles while battling up Shit Creek with broken oars? I have on more than one occasion.
  • About 9.5 years ago, while being homeless with my two children, we stayed at a hotel in Rancho Cordova, CA. We resided in the family section in the back. We were 20 families in the same situation.
  • We became a tight-knit community. We went to the food bank and combined our food and we ALWAYS made sure our children ate first. I had a 2 month old baby girl and a 14 yr old son. My son STILL took the bus to school every morning. It was then, when I TRULY learned to be humble and grateful for being not only a very resourceful person, but for ALL the people who helped me find the means for my family to survive.


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Written by Liz Forbes

Years Of Membership


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