How Wrong Did Utah Get It?

Utah had a huge campaign about the use of cell phones, texting, and driving. According to their stats, it was working. Then we got very nervous about the coronavirus and let that be our guide for a while. It was decided that we needed to know who was coming and going in and out of Utah. (It was almost like we wanted to be an island.)

They set up a system so that whenever a car or cellphone came within a certain distance of the borders of the state they would receive a text with a link to a website where they were required by law (at least that’s what they said) to respond to.

They powered up a brilliant idea and it didn’t last 24 hours. Here are some things they didn’t think about. Thousands of people lived within 10 miles from the border. Their phones were getting text messages constantly. Cars were pulling over on the freeway trying to figure what was happening. Children who were trying to do their school work online were affected. 

Hopefully, this very wreckless approach taught us something. Currently, we can’t use the amber alert because it got tangled up in this mess. 

We got it wrong because we let panic be our guide. I hope we all learned a lesson.


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