How to Choose a Computer Skills Testing Partner

Computer skills are required for most jobs, and if new hires do not have the proper knowledge and abilities, it can impede productivity and hurt team morale. Therefore, more and more companies are requiring job candidates to take a computer skills test so they can easily identify qualified candidates.

Tests can measure anything from basic Internet knowledge and data entry skills to advanced MS Office abilities. You can select a test from the company’s library or create a customized test by selecting questions from various tests and adding your own questions. It may also be possible to work with a subject matter expert who will assist you in preparing a computer skills assessment test that is designed to meet the requirements of a specific job.

Leading companies’ testing platforms also integrate seamlessly with popular various HR systems, which enables you to manage your recruiting and hiring process on a single platform instead of juggling multiple systems. Following is a summary of features to look for when choosing an assessment testing partner.

  • Application is user-friendly, simple, and easy to use.
  • You can upload content any time and from anywhere to create an online test.
  • It is possible to customize tests for specific jobs by combining questions from existing tests and adding your own questions.
  • You can import files, including audio files and images, and include them in the test.
  • The company has a test library with tests of varying difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced.
  • The data you enter into the test application is secure and password protected.
  • Employees and HR personnel from multiple locations can collaborate to create tests.
  • It is possible to review test questions and make changes, editions and deletions any time and from anywhere.
  • Live service and support are available during business hours and there is no charge for upgrades and enhancements.

Choosing to partner with a company that has extensive experience conducting pre-employment tests is important because it will deliver the best return on your investment (ROI). You will also get specialized service that will help you select the right candidates for the job efficiently and effectively.


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