How 'Oath Keepers' Will Plead

A leading group in the January 6th attack on the capital is a group called ‘The Oath Keepers’.    This far right group of whack racists, full of military and ex-military rabid dogs are now charged.

They have claimed that they were protecting the ‘Constitution’ and supporting their ‘Commander in Chief’.  

This is the evidence they should give.  They should make it clear that they were acting on behalf of their Massa.  This would confirm that  Trump told his supporters to attack the Capital Building.  

This is vital to prove the fact that Trump, aware he had lost, in fact knowing he would lose before the election, fired up a group of violent supporters, expecting they would be killed on the steps of the Capitol Building.  This would taint Biden’s presidency and split the country into a civil war.

As is obvious, Trump is no patriot, Trump never cared about America, he cares about power and money.  The easiest way to get the sympathy he wanted  was to have his supporters attack the Capitol, be ‘martyred’.

Considering how stupid and easily led most Americans are, seeing dead bodies on the Capitol steps would get them grabbing their guns and going out to ‘defend’ themselves.

Sure, a person who cared about America would never have had the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, never told armed ex-military murderers to march on the Capitol.   But that never has been Trump.

If the Oath Keepers give their true and complete version of what they were told, how they were directed, what Trump made them believe, it would be of great benefit.   Further that evidence could be used against Trump.  

Let him dismiss his followers, let him claim they acted on their own.  Let him throw them under the bus.


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Written by jaylar


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  1. Millions have wondered about that too, as well. Here’s the latest update on the ”Oath Keeper Trial’. If you care to read the facts and analytic data and facts, you’d be on your way truth. Free yourself from aimless quandary and injecting opinion of your own.

    I’ve read the ‘New FBI Special Agents Testify at the Oath Keepers Trial’ report on The Epoch Times.

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