Hidden Meaning to Pentagrams and Hexagram Symbols

Thursday, 8.2.18

This video is interesting because it explains the real meaning behind the pentagram and hexagram

I knew the basics, but this video gives a deeper explanation of these symbols. Everyone knows that the upright star within a circle has to do with witchcraft while the upside down star symbolizes satanism.

It is obvious that the hexagram star is about Zionism, but it is also similar to witchcraft because it is about doing hexes. Hence, it is called hexagram. I notice another interest explanation of this symbol: the two triangles in the hexagram star include a triangle pointing up and a triangle pointing down. It is the same “Elevator” arrows often used by the Illuminati and Satanists, as well as AVICII’s logo. I think it has to do with “As Above, As Below,” which is satanic.


What do you think?

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