Hero Challenge

I didn’t sleep last night at all. I couldn’t turn off the stress. Perhaps there was a purpose. I keep thinking I am alone and then I remember all the heroes. 

Today I need to hear from heroes. I know they are here. I have seen them. The bottom line looks like this. If I could trade my life for that of my brothers there is no hesitation. It doesn’t even require thought. My fear is that it doesn’t work that way. If it does please take me instead.

He is such an inspiration. He is the most giving person I know. He still has so much to share. 

It was a sleepless night for both of us. He was throwing things and crying and asking me why for the first time in his life he is scared. I had no answers but tears. I couldn’t be strong for him. I had nothing to give him but more tears.I am useless. I can’t help him. 

Today I need some heroes. I know you are here. I have read your words, I have seen your pictures, I have heard your music and today I need them. 

Please give me the courage and strength to carry my brother through this or simply take his place.  #HeroChallenge


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