Growing Popularity of Mr. Rahul Gandhi in India: Indian National Congress

Under the Truthful Guidance of AICC General Secretary Shree Gelhot Jee,Bangalore experienced a huge crowd and rush to meet Mr. Rahul Gandhi..#Bengaluru. #CongressMathomme #JanaAashirwadaYatre #INC4Karnataka

Posted by Anjan Kumar Samal on Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The 16th December 2017 was the Turning Point of Congress Leadership in India. On this Day Mr. Gandhi took over the Presidential Position unanimously by all the Senior Congress Leaders including his own Mother Sonia Gandhi.

When Political Pundits do analyse the Political trends, in most of the time it has been observed that the image Building Policy of Opposition BJP by hijacking most of the Media Houses Put the Young and Energetic Rahul behind Mr. Narendra Modi.

When Mr. Modi in initial stage of his campaign during the past 2014’s General Election was not so much popular. But Random advertisement in social Media along with the claim of a poor Tea Man to be elected as Country’s Prime Minister turned him a National Leader despite many allegations of Criminal Conspiracy in regard to 2002 Gujarat Riot. Even United States of America also banned Mr. Modi During those days .

It means the immense high scaled marketing policy of Mr. Modi absolutely made him a Brand. But slowly and steadily this image which was built over the marketing policy and false promises is getting punctured day by day.

Before the Prime Minister, Mr Modi also was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and in the past Gujarat Election BJP won but was  not as per the  expectation of his own party’s Central Leadership. It was mere a manageable Victory to form the Government. But in compression to Congress Party’s last performance in Gujarat, Congress this time won a huge whose credit gone to Mr. Rahul.

And Now such scene is viciously repeating in the state of Karnataka in the bring of day of Election that will be held on 12th May. This Facebook Post reflects huge crowd and rush to meet young Rahul in the state of Karnataka  during his ROAD-SHOW along with the most able General Secretary of AICC(All India Congress Committee).

Even many truthful Opinion Pools and survey claim the win of Congress in the state despite of Mr. Prime Minister Big image and show.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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