Good News

Today, the BBC published that Elon Musk, that repulsive racist exploitationist may walk away from the Twitter Deal.


That means I don’t have to close my account.   I am not alone in this decision.  Almost everyone I have contact with on that platform has said the same thing.  

Many have run over to Reddit or other sites so as to escape the Titanic.

Clearly Musk must realise that his take over of Twitter is repugnant.   Only the most simple minded do not grasp what he intends to use it for.   

Musk is aware most people are stupid. They believe whatever is posted; are owned and operated by ‘influencers’  .   

‘Influencers’ are people of little value.  They don’t know anything but can get hundreds of thousands, if not millions to do what they order.   If an Influencer makes a post, people do not perform the slightest investigation to ascertain if the food/activity/social response is sensible.

If the Influencer says eating grass  improves vision, they run out to eat grass.

imagine a  capitalist like Musk getting millions of mind dead to repeat his lies, advertise his businesses while slandering competitors.    


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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