Getting in Too Deep – 8 (end)

I  sat forever, thinking about what I should do.   Finally. I decided to  publish that short story gaining dust.  

I would use another name and make a few changes to mask the actor I was impersonating.   I would jumble dates and places.   

I took my time, going  through my story to ensure there was nothing in it to connect to me, to my namesake, or to the show.

It was vague enough to be anyone.

I thought of the women who had emailed me, thinking I was that actor.  Those for whom that actor occupied the centre of their lives.   Those women for whom getting an email from that nobody actor was their greatest achievement.

My story was ready, yet, still I sat,  wondering if I should push ‘send’ to my publisher.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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