How Gavin Got to Be Alone – 9

Deja took her time. She took over his life, without he being aware. She worked to separate him from his family and friends and insert her family and her friends.

Gavin loved her. She knew it. She didn’t speak to it, she acted as if she were unaware of it and it forced him to make the first steps, then the second, and third.

She told him that if they married they’d have to buy their own place, because she wasn’t going to start life in someone else’s house.

Gavin spoke to his Grandmother, who was old and getting feeble, and she sold him the house at a fairly low sum.

Deja told him to wait until after the marriage to change the name of the owner, because she wanted to have her name on the Title.

The marriage was set at an all-inclusive on a Caribbean island.


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