How Gavin Got To Be Alone – 4

Gavin thought of and his brother, Stan. They were just over a year apart. Stan was thinner than he was, a bit smaller, but a year older.

They had lived with their grandmother, resenting their parents who had divorced. Was it something they were told?  Why did they hate their parents so much?

Then, for a short time they resided with their father’s new family, but preferred their grandmother.


There was no logical reason to want to live with their grandmother, who took very little interest in their education or lives. But, they had  thought to ‘punish’ their father by denying themselves his largess.

To select to stay with their grandmother would have made sense if she had  paid them attention. But she hadn’t, never had. They pretended she did.

Yes, he and Stan pretended.


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Written by jaylar

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