Funny Facts You Might Not Know

  1. Ever been lost in a mall? How did you feel getting lost in it? Well, that feeling of getting lost in a mall is called Gruen transfer.
  2. Never do something unwise (or wrong) towards a crow. This is because crows can distinguish one human being from another. Thus, they can hold a grudge against specific people. Never mind, we humans can differentiate one crow from another.
  3. Do you want to lose more calories? Why not bang your head against a wall? If you do so for one hour, you’ll she’d off 150 calories.
  4. About 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from Brown cow. It looks like a tiny percentage. I can’t remember the population of America. But, let’s say, the population is 300,000,000. That translates to 2 million people believing that.
  5. It is illegal to own one Guinea pig in Switzerland. You’re required to own more than one. Well, you’ll be abusing the guinea pig psychologically because they are not solitary animals. 


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Written by Benny

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