Feeling sad……

When you lose something or someone you love it is very painful. After the loss of a significant person, there will be a storm of feelings with which it is difficult to fight such as rage, guilt, surprise, or shock. Still, the dominant feeling is a feeling of sorrow for which you have the feeling that you will never leave. Although all of these feelings are unpleasant and overwhelming, they represent a normal loss reduction. Their acceptance as part of the grief process is necessary to make you feel better.

There is no true or wrong mourning, but there are healthy ways to deal with pain. Although you consider yourself brave and do not show your feelings, do not hesitate to pay if you are crying or looking for help from close people. Sometimes it is only the presence of other people you believe is very important to deal with the feeling of suffering. And remember, showing the feeling of sorrow and suffering and the need for someone to “find you” in moments when you feel pain is not a feature of the weak, but the normal reaction of every human being.


What do you think?

Written by Branka Drobnjak


  1. You are so right but only if there are other people around can you look to them to help your grieving. I was thrown into a turmoil when my husband suddenly died last August. I have no one only his daughter who has her own life and does not live close-by. She comes when she can to help me clean out my house which I am now selling. What I am saying that sometimes it happens like for me suddenly the darkness comes and there is no one. What helps me go on and get over this period are two things. I have the comfort of my cat Sid which helps greatly and the second but above all most important is my faith. I begin and end my day with prayer and know that the Lord helps me through my days otherwise it would be unbearable. I guess as the third thing I could say my online work on the PC which keeps me creative and busy.

    • It’s important that you did not close yourself.Prayer, home pet, your cat are great help.
      And this creative writing is effective.
      Let God give you the strength to overcome the difficult situation as easily as possible