Fate Can Be Kind – 8

The next day, sans make-up, her hair under a scarf, wearing dark glasses and an old coat, Emma went to what had been her office.

She had been quite careful. Parker’s lunch break was from twelve to one so snuck out at 11:50.

Emma did not approach the building where the office was until 11:45 and went by elevator to the top floor, where she dallied until 11: 55.

She walked down the steps, and entered the office at noon.

This performance was to avoid running into Parker.

Emma went into what had been her office, spoke to her boss in a dull low voice. She told him she had to leave, the pressure was too much.

As she’d only worked there for three months there was no problem. Many people can’t finish their six month probation due to the pressure, so Emma became one of them.

Her boss was very nice, told her that she could use him for a reference for her work had been excellent and he had no idea she couldn’t cope.

“Neither did I until…” she said, waving a hand to suggest that Something Happened.

He told her he’d have her accrued pay put into her account and shook her hand. She was out of the building by 12:27, and got as far away as she could, spending the rest of the day sitting in a park, looking at nothing.


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Written by jaylar

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