Eyebrow Transplant And Face Uplift Surgery – All You Need To Know About Them!

If there is something that has taken the world with storm, it is the rapid revolution of cosmetic surgery where it seems nothing is impossible to achieve. With the help of the cosmetic surgery now people can have eyebrow transplant in Delhi as well as facelift surgery in Delhi. In the present scenario where the cosmetic or aesthetic industry is experiencing a boom in India, this is the right time to consider any of these surgeries by consulting the best cosmetic doctor or surgeon. As a matter of fact, the latest technology and modern surgical method have catalyzed the whole procedure and it has become easier to get desired results from the surgery.
By utilizing cosmetic treatment and surgery, many male and female have transformed their appearance. So, if you are also thinking something like that, it is the right time to know more about these procedures.
What is facelift surgery?
Facelift surgery is the name given to the procedure that is performed by the cosmetic surgeon. This surgery helps you to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. The ultimate purpose of this surgery is to improve the appearance of your face and jaw by keeping the aging factors at bay.
The procedure
During the facelift procedure, in order to create more aesthetic and pleasing contour, the plastic surgeon lifts and tightens the underlying muscles of the face. This helps to revive the overall facial structure and eventually improves the aesthetic appearance. During the surgery, the surgeon removes the accumulated pocket of fat skin from the face. The removal of fat will give you a more charming and young look. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and the patient does not require to stay in the clinic or hospital. It is strictly recommended to let the facelift surgery in Delhi done by an expert, qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon.
Fact about eyebrow transplant
The eyebrow transplant is another popular cosmetic procedure that is catching the eyeball of many. You can easily understand the concept of eyebrow transplant if you know anything about hair transplant. It is very much similar to the hair transplant procedure. The surgery for eyebrow transplant involves removing the strip of skin with active follicles from one part of the body to another. The surgeon may also trim the follicles so that it can conveniently fit into the brow shape, thereafter, it is duly transplanted into the brow area.
For the procedure of eyebrow transplant, you would require around 250-400 hairs per eyebrow in order to get natural and healthy looking eyebrow. The procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. A tiny needle which is a few millimeters in diameter is utilized by the surgeon to remove donor follicles. They make sure no scarring occurs. During the transplantation procedure, each hair is implanted following the natural direction of the other eyebrow’s hair so that it remains flat against the skin. The hairs during the eyebrow transplant in Delhi are placed tightly together to acquire even and full appearance.


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