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How to Ensure That You Can Return Safe and Sound from a Jungle Adventure

When you set off on a camping trip or on a jungle safari any small mishap may leave you stranded all of a sudden with very few options. So, what should you do so that you can minimize the chances of facing a crisis in the middle of nowhere?

Telling Others Where You Are Going

Make a detailed schedule of your trip, even mark a specific route, and share the details with your family and friends so that they will have a good idea of where to direct a search and rescue mission if required. The exercise also makes you more organized.

Make a Comprehensive Survival Kit

Even if you are going with others, there are a few items that you should always keep close to you in case you are suddenly separated. Items like a compass, a box of matches or a lighter, some dry and carbohydrate-rich food, a bottle of water, a wristwatch, a signal flare, a blanket, insect repellants, essential medicines, water purification tablets, and of course, the legendary Swiss knife and a map of the area should invariably find a place in your personal kit.

Learn Essential Skills 

Remember, a jungle can be a pretty hostile place for someone who is not prepared to face its many hazards. So, if you are planning a stay at any of the resorts at Tadoba national park to enjoy a jungle safari, it is best to learn some Boy Scout skills because these can keep you alive in emergencies.

Navigation: While making it a point to carry a compass, you should also know how to use the sun, moon, and the stars to navigate your way out of trouble.

Water: Dehydration will kill you long before hunger, so make sure you know how to make water still or a contraption for catching the rainwater or dew drops. Boil or use chlorine tablets to purify pool water.

Shelter: In the mountains, look for caves or rocky overhangs that can protect you from the elements and wild animals. In flatter lands, you should know how to make a shelter using branches of trees, leaves, dried grass, and other easily-available materials.

Fire: By being able to make a fire, you can give yourself light and warmth, boil water, cook food, and deter animals. Learn how to make a fire rubbing dry wood or using a piece of glass to focus the sunlight onto a combustible material.

Food: It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with fruits and berries of the region you are visiting as well as learn the basics of fishing and hunting small animals, cleaning, and cooking them. Be prepared to eat raw meat if it comes to the crunch.


To get out of a sticky situation in the jungle, you need to stay calm and be in a positive frame of mind. Think practically about the possibilities and work to use whatever you have available to survive. Your chances of survival can increase dramatically when you are better prepared both with your kit and skills.


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