The Energy of Color Magic!

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Every single shading is loaded with a power field of vitality, and passes on a lively importance. Each of these hues compares to a supernatural quintessence or significance, which are known as shading enchantment correspondences in the enchantment group.

For the motivations behind scheming with the enchantment of the universe, we can utilize hues to incredibly improve and impact our enchantment. To utilize them initially figure out what kind of enchantment you need to do, for example, favoring services, enchantment spells, charms, divination, or any blend of these, and after that pick the shading or hues you feel best speak to your expectations or wants.

Shading Enchantment Correspondence Rundown


Gold summons the brilliant energies of the sun, which brings riches, wellbeing and mending. Gold light hues are for progress and profound issues. The shading speaks to the higher or most astounding self.

Enchantment correspondence for the shading orange

Orange is the shading for wealth spells, to convey or attract warmth or warmth to a circumstance or to a relationship. Orange conjures the energies of welcome, inviting, solace and acknowledgment. The shading is utilized for throwing spells to raise your confidence. Orange oil or quintessence is likewise a capable fragrance based treatment for purifying the air, and welcomes new reviving inspiring energies. Orange light hues are impeccable to improve inspiration and action.


Red shading enchantment is utilized to conjure the energies of flame and enthusiasm. Red is additionally used to speak to fire and to consume something with smoldering heat. Red is an effective shading to quit something, and is incredible for ceasing something unreasonable like a wrongful claim, or to stop the advances of an undesirable suitor. Red welcomes the energies of Mars, and can be utilized as a part of enchantment for “wars” of energies and goals.

Enchantment correspondence for the shading green

Green summons the energies of development, expectation and guarantee. Utilize green to summon and associate with Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia. Green is the shading enchantment to summon Venus and energies of affection, or recharging of promises. It is likewise utilized for peacefulness, wellbeing and mending. The shading green is effective in cash spells. You can likewise utilize it to give a task the “green light,” and to inspire somebody to help you with something. Wear something green yet inconspicuous when looking for a raise or a speculator.

When throwing spells, utilize materials of the shading that relate to your desire. Each shading has numerous yet comparative employments. Hues are something other than the impression of light on your eye since their power field can enable you to get what you need out of life.


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Written by Ali Shehzad

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