Donald Trump speaks hateful to black people in private meetings – Michael Cohen

Washington : Michael Cohen, a former US president’s lawyer, said that Donald Trump makes fun of black people in private meetings.

According to CNN, US President uses hateful words for black people during private meetings and conversation. Michael Cohen emphasized the memorandum and told CNN. that I remember four occasions when President Trump crossed all the limits of ethics and used inappropriate and hateful words for black people.

Michael Cohen had to say that while talking about the number of people in the election campaign 2016, Trump declared black people as the most foolish voters, and asked me the name of a country or city that administration is in the hands of a black man.

White House administration no official was available for the media to confirm or deny Michael Cohen’s statement. However, former officials working with the Trump confirmed Michael Cohen’s statement on the condition of not to be named.

Be clear This is not the first time that the American President Donald Trump’s racism-based hate speech has been heard. Rather, during the Midterms election, the trump did not stop spreading hatred even in the recent campaign.


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