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Dobrila died, the female Griffon vulture

guards on the reservation find Dobrila between four trees. They assume that it lost during the height of summer, fell and stuck among the branches. Dobra are hatched last spring on the cliffs Uvca, and was named in labeling, because of its calmness and everything =. Attracted much public attention last year when he wandered off, and after several months was found in Turkey. Without the strength and infirm was located at the base in Diyarbakir, reminiscent of RTS. With the mediation of Ambassador of Turkey in Serbia Tanzi bilgiç Turkish airline “Turkish Airlines” has provided free transportation Dobrile to Belgrade, and the airline has made a documentary about an unusual way Dobrile plane. Griffon vulture is a very rare bird, which belongs to a protected species. One of the largest natural cleaners.


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