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Do People Errupt?

My grandson called with what he saw as very important information. He has spend a lot of time thinking things through. (Well that was his story.) He asked me how many times people could erupt like a volcano before it killed them.

I mentioned that I had never seen someone erupt exactly like a volcano.


He asked if I ever watched cartoons or read comic books. Smokes actually comes out of their ears and mean things come out of their mouth. They must get so mad that their insides are on fire.

I was at a loss. He had a point. I understood what he was describing and I guess in a way people can die from eruption. They can become so angry, mean and out of control that they do things the cause them to harm themselves and others. But we can’t see the smoke coming out of the ears of real people.

He said “I know that, but you can feel it.”

“I guess you are right. What do you think we should do if we feel like someone is erupting?”

“I think I should hide or run away.”

“Is someone erupting at your house?”

“Not right now, but you never know.”

“Well, I want you to be safe.”

“I will be safe because if I have to run away you will come get me and if I hide you will be able to find me, you always do. I am going to get some lunch now. Talk to you later bye.”

I guess it was a good conversation or was it?


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I have seen on television get angry when they are asked “stupid questions” by members of the media. The media get their jollies of seeing some they speak to in a press conference get angry since it sells them rating points on the radio and television.
    Due to my high blood pressure, I have to remain calm.

  2. Well, I came from a past with a lot of people eruptions. Something can bother a person for a very long time, and they can subdue their anger for a long time because they are always having to be on their very best behaviour and then suddenly things erupt, and they literally blow up.

    My Dad used to erupt on bank balance day. You did not talk to him on that day. He was the manager and had to account for every cent or every penny.

    I erupted when after 3 months of enduring 2 solo Mums just about coming to blows over their children. One day they had a punch up when I took them out in a car.

    Nice mild mannered Pam blew up in the middle of a church meeting in front of 500 people. I did not care about who listened and the 2 solo Mums did not know what hit them and later on apologised for their behaviour.

    New Zealand people are much like dormant volcanoes, they are nice and friendly most of the time. Push them too far and they simply explode. I have been learning how to let out steam without such an explosive display. I normally don’t lose my temper but as with most people, I am a human being that is not perfect.

  3. How old is your grandson? I have a feeling that what is confusing him is understanding the difference between cartoons and reality. I remember by cartoon days and characters getting really steaming mad with red faces and smoke erupting and then characters who were flattened completely but came bouncing back. I think what he has to realize is that people can erupt in their own way by getting what we call hopping mad and that can lead to ulcers, heart attacks and yes, even dropping dead. Unfortunately, I have seen something like that happening. Depending on his age if he can comprehend and is really interested I think he could benefit from a conversation about the difference of what happens to cartoon characters as compared to real people.

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