Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 23

You ‘test’ a writing site by publishing  ‘shards’ of items you’ve published elsewhere  whatever protects your real writing from the site, to see how it goes.

Years ago, Hubpages was a useful and paying site. Today, it’s a rubbish dump where they do everything they can to prevent you earning.

Their best trick is to let you publish, then ‘non-feature’ your work.   They’ll send you some form letter about ‘spammy’ elements or too small images.

When work is ‘non-featured’  it is invisible to the public.  It admits it was ‘published’ on the 1st of October and  was visible for a few days until the crooks at Hubpages made it ‘non-featured’.

The point of this is you published on Hubpages on Oct 1.

As your work is now non-featured, invisible to every possible plag checker,  you can republish on another site.

So your work was non-featured on Hubpages on October 5 and you published on New Site.  New Site doesn’t pay you and won’t let you take down your work?

You go back to Hubpages, do whatever for you article to get it  ‘featured’  and advise Hubpages your work has been plagiarised on the other site.


What do you think?


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    • I’ve been using Hubpages for years. Sometimes I’ll write a long piece, it will be up a day or two, then it’s ‘non-featured’ and I’ll post it elsewhere, leaving it there as storage. In this way, if my lap top dies, I don’t lose my work.

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