Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 10

Sometimes when Jade blasted her Anime;  for that is what this middle aged woman watched; squeaky voiced anime a ten year old wouldn’t glance at,  I would turn on the BBC on my radio, or switch on my television.

When she heard my broadcasts, realising she wasn’t annoying me,  she  would  turn off her cartoons.

Her point was to annoy me.

At night, when I was sleeping and she began to watch her cartoons  I knew she expected me to ask her to turn it down.  

To have to go out of my room,  stumble through that clutter,  maybe fall or step in cat poo to  speak to her,   and get her sharp near violent bark, was more odious.

So, I would pretend she wasn’t annoying me, which would be a better slap in the face than if I hit her with a crowbar.  

For Jade needed attention and I was the only human available to give it to her.  


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