Country Girl – Part 6

Zelda liked working at the shop, especially alone. I gave her a chance to take things; whether to eat or keep.

She liked watching the customers. Especially a cute couple who entered nearly every evening to pick up a few random items.

When she saw the man, she was instantly in love. She took photos of him on cell phone. She got them printed and pasted her face next to his.

One evening, when they left, she quickly shut the shop and followed.

They walked a block up, turned, then into a bar. She came in and watched them. They didn’t see her. She moved closer, noticed their familiarity with the waiters and calling for their ‘usual’.

She didn’t want them to see her or to be gone from the shop for too long, so hurried back.

She dealt with a few customers, who keep her open a bit later than user, then  closed the shop.  She went up the road to make the night deposit. Instead of going to her flat she wandered back to the bar, as if just stopping in for a drink.

Her ‘beloved’ and that woman he had been with had gone.


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Written by jaylar

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