Cornyflu's Hidden Agenda

Monday, 8.31.20

The below videos continue to expose the Cornyflu thing for the Zionists’ hidden agenda, which has to do with New World Order and One World Government of slavery on earth. It is all about destroy the current life and establishments for the NWO. There will be economic collapse, healthcare destruction, and overall societal destruction for a bleak and dark future in a totalitarian society. Think 1984 but in 2020…

#2 Coronavirus: The Hidden Agendas behind Government Lies and Deceits

Zionist Government lies and deception to promote Cornyflu Plandemic led to worldwide house arrest to further control the world population as slaves, preparing them for the New World Order agenda and One World Government. The morons in public conformed and obeyed, dutifully wearing their muzzles, gloves, and sometimes goggles and headgear, as well as acting like epileptic psychos, as they continually watched the “Fake News” on the Zionist Mainstream Media’s fear-inducing lies.


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