Clutter Cleaning

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(I wrote this one 10 years ago!!)

House Cleaning

I’ve been doing some summer cleaning, clearing out clutter, getting rid of objects, learning to let go—of my Oprah magazines!  That’s what it said to do on page 93.

Not only do I read O Magazine, but I make sure I toss out other old issues, you know:  Hung up on being fat, Too Shy to Talk to that Cute Girl:  Volume II, and the infamous Sexual Repression for Catholics.

In the back of O Magazine, she has a special page called, “What I Know for Sure.”

I can tell her what I know for sure:  1) I need to date more.  2) I am not a mom, nor am I pregnant or expecting, and 3) I’m a lesbian.

And, Oprah needs to know that tossing out a few of her issues is all a part of my spiritual journey!

Another thing that I do to feed my soul is shower with the lights off.

This is really good—especially in the summer.

I light up a candle in the bathroom and I hop into the shower.  The bathroom will feel less hot, and you’ll be conserving energy too!

Plus, I get to see the world in a whole new way:  Blurry.

It’s a great way to rediscover your body—especially after I bang my shins on my way out of the shower—not  because it’s dark, but because I don’t have my glasses on!


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Written by Maria Ayala

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