Cleaning Up America

Wednesday, 7.15.20

I drove to Woodbridge for yoga at the park. I noticed no one was there, except for geese and lots of litter scattered over maintained grassy park. There were also two plastic bags amonst this litter. So, while waiting, I decided to pick up the litter and place them inside the two bags. There were plastic cups and lids from CHA, empty pizza box, candy wrappers, napkins, tiny bottle of whiskey–maybe used to spike their drinks, empty cartons for some food, egg carton for something, water bottles–one was completely destroyed, dark soda can–bent and squished, straw wrapper, plastic wrappers, paper wrappers, and straws. I filled one bag and tied it handles together to keep it contained. I started filling the other plastic bag with whatever mess was left over, which was mostly small pieces of paper from wrappers. When I finished picking up the litter, the maintenance man came with this pickup, which had large plastic bags of trash in the bag. I think I did this job for him. He just came up to me and said “Thank You.” I tried to ask him what happened, but he didn’t speak english. 

Meanwhile, no one showed up for the yoga meetup. I think today’s meetup was cancelled. So, I drove back home. I went on my computer and noticed today’s yoga meetup was cancelled. I should have checked in the morning before I left. 


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