Celebrity Psychic Channels John Lennon

Sunday, November 3, 2019

In this video, celebrity psychic channels John Lennon, which is an interesting coincidence because I just watch a movie about young John Lennon on the indie channel. For some reason, he is coming up in the movie, as well as on Youtube.

He started the Beattles, and then Paul McCartney joined the group.

On the day of his murder, he was walking home, and he felt something was off.

When he was young, he felt different, and he wanted to prove himself.

He saw the man who killed him, and he felt that Chapman didn’t know why he killed him, which sounds like a MK-Ultra mind control. Chapman was giving some kind of medication in drops during experiments, which messed up his perception. His mother placed him in experiments for mind control programming. It was like a CIA/government assassination because John Lennon want to move on with his life. He wanted to do things differently. He had other plans, but the industry didn’t like it.

Yoko was a good partner for him, but his band members would fight with her.

He loved both his wife and both his sons, Julian and Sean.


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