Cecil Hotel Portals

Tuesday, 3.16.21

Tonight, I consecutively watched three videos, and I noticed their contents are similar. It is all about protection from evil and negative spirits, the Haunted Cecil Hotel, MK-Ultra mind control, DID, triggers, sacrifices, child trafficking, pedophilia, astral levels, and out of body experience. 

The second video is a reading on the Cecil Hotel. It sounds like an experimental place with portals, where people can move through time and space. 

The third video is about the afterlife. It was confusing because there were too many voices. But there is a white light and bells, as well as flying around and meet people who have already died. 

#1 Cecil and Restaurants open

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Cecil Hotel documentary. I think it is haunted. It has an energy portal. When doing spirit cooking, it opens portals for spirits to enter.  Drugs and alcohol open portals.

Restaurants open

Downtown Houston—no masks

Governments want to make money off people by keeping them sick and on drugs until they are dead.

Black tourmaline is good for protection, as well as amethyst.

They aren’t giving farmers money, if they are white? And, the white farmers are suing. Asian farmers don’t get any money either.

Newspapers and TV news are filled with lies and garbage.

The media target certain mentally ill people to split their brain, like Charles Manson, and they control their brain with MK-Ultra to go out and shoot people. That is probably what happened to that guy—James Holmes. Olsen twins? Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Princess Di was checked to make sure she was a virgin before she married Prince Charles. Princess Di’s father gave her to the Royals for money.

Royal Family are bunch of breeders, inbred, pedophiles, and vampires.

Hugh Jackman is gay.

Dody and Princess D were sacrificed.

Luciferians worship the Baphomet.

Meghan Markle is half white and half black.

Belgium is the top city for child trafficking. Disney is filled with pedophiles.

DMT is released during death.

Men in Black = Govt’s ability to go into different astral levels.

Out of body = when people are sleeping, they go out of body.

#2 Translucent “Portals” at the Cecil Hotel in LA

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Psychic Reading on Cecil Hotel. 640 South Main Street in Los Angeles, California…Cecil Hotel

Many deaths and suicides occurred in this hotel. Opened on December 20, 1924, the 19- floor hotel has 700 guest rooms. As of 2017, it was being renovated and redeveloped into a mix of hotel rooms and residential units.

Three men created this Cecil Hotel. They chose the location and portals are designed to be transitory. A time portal? It was a specific ground chosen for these portals.

Government experiments on people with triggers.

The people who enter this hotel have been in such experiments. These people have weak etheric bodies. Body energy is open.  People can move through time and space.


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