Catholic Church Corruption, MK-Ultra, Infiltration and Black Mass

This video is about the Catholic Church corruption, pedophilia, and MK-Ultra as well as Black Mass celebration. Fake Zionist priests infiltrating the Catholic Church to promote Zionist lies and prepare the public for the New World Agenda. Who do you think will announce the NWO agenda? Pope, of course. It is all about promoting the anti-Christ agenda so that the public will readily accept the New World Order and the Baphomet. Why do you think the Baphomet statue keeps popping up in different states and making headlines? Why the sudden interesting in promoting Satan? This information is really old, and I have seen such videos since early 2000s. But I have noticed that it is more bluntly in-your-face now that it is really beyond annoying.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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