Books are a wonderful blessing …..

Books are a great blessing. They are the essence of man’s experience of centuries. They are such a precious legacy that civilization has bestowed upon man. They are the source of knowledge and power. They give us information on every matter and enlighten our soul. They are more valuable than wealth. They are our best friends which do not leave us in the lurch; rather strengthen our nerves. They teach us how to overpower the difficulties with patience and perseverance. They teach us to be sober and serious during the times of joy and comfort.

Books are wonderful

Books are a wonderful blessing. When the clouds of sorrow and suffering darken our life, they like a true friend soothe us with sweet words. When friends or relatives leave us due to our misfortune, they do not desert us. They teach us a lesson to overpower the difficulties with fortitude and steadfastness. They are the essence of man's wisdom and experience of thousands of years. It is true that all books are not good. Some books are more poisonous than a snake and more dangerous than a scorpion. It is necessary to avoid them. We should be wise and careful in the selection of books.

Become an ideal student

It is true that to become an ideal student is difficult but it is not impossible. Nothing remains difficult if one gains the knowledge of philosophy of life and psyche of man. An ideal student is the one who never ignores his aims. He gives full heed to his studies. He maintains discipline. He makes a timetable and works according to it. He spares time for recreation and takes interest in domestic chores.

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Written by Awais Arshad

Architecture & Engineering Technology

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