Best Places for Playing Golf

When it comes to physical activity, not everyone is keen on running or intense team sports that require A) organization and coordination with others and B) pose a massive chance of an injury. Even more importantly, these sports don’t necessarily have to be soothing but can, as often, be quite stressful. This is why a lot of people prefer golf


Aside from being more pragmatic, golf is also great for your health, both physiologically and mentally, it helps you learn new skills and is also a great opportunity to make new friends. After all, there are more business partnerships being made on the golf courses than in the boardroom? Why? Well, because here it’s much easier to form a personal bond that you can transfer into the business world, later on.

Still, not every golf session has an agenda behind it. Sometimes, all you want is to enjoy the game, potentially even spend some alone time. Sure, in theory, this would be merely the state of mind, unaffected by outside stimuli but where you golf is in no way irrelevant. There are some places that are simply ideal for golf and no real golfer should have the luxury of not visiting them at least once in their lifetime. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several best locations for golf.

  1. Barbados

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that golf is an outdoor sport. This means that it’s greatly affected by the climate, the weather and the overall atmospheric occurrences. This also means that during the winter, your local golf club may become unavailable or at least not as pleasant. Therefore, you might want to take your golfing practices someplace else, someplace warmer, someplace tropical. Speaking of which, Barbados is probably the first place you should pay a visit to.

As for the availability of courses on Barbados, there are more than several locations that you can visit, from the Apes Hill Golf Club and the Country Club at Sandy Lane (Saint James) all the way to the Royal Westmoreland Golf Course. Each of these places is more than suitable, which is why those who don’t find budget or time on Barbados to be too constraining, might want to visit all of these places in a single run. On the other hand, there are those who advise against this course of action, claiming that this will rush things too much and prevent you from truly savouring the moment.

  1. Australia

If you’re from the northern hemisphere, Australia is yet another place where you can escape from winter. Due to the fact that the seasons are opposite in different hemispheres, there’s nothing preventing you from visiting this country for a nice Holiday golfing spree. Due to the fact that this continent-country is extremely vast and has a rich golfing tradition, it’s also a place that can provide you with an incredible variety of courses. In fact, every state and territory has at least several renowned golf courses. From Barnbougle Dunes on Tasmania to Ellerston in Hunter Valley in NSW. Keep in mind that the latter is also a famous winemaking region, which is a fact that could be used as a seed of your future Australian wine tour.

One more thing that you can use your golfing trip to Australia for is perfecting your swing with an incredible golf swing guide machine. The way in which this works is fairly simple. Instead of giving you verbal commands, this machine helps you intuitively learn by guiding your swing. This way, your muscles will automatically adopt a form of a perfect swing, which means that you’ll develop an ideal golfing reflex in no time.

  1. Florida, USA

It would be outright wrong to speak about world’s best golf courses without at least mentioning Florida. While the entire peninsula is a golfer’s haven, it’s undeniable that its northern coast stands as one of the best-golfing regions in the world. Even though nature itself is quite suitable for golfing, nothing is left to chance, which is why the courses are carefully tended to and maintained in order to give golfers an ultimate golfing experience. As the matter of fact, the biggest problem that you’re bound to encounter in Florida is the fact that there’s simply too much choice. This means that your only course of action will be recurring visits to this amazing place over the next several years.

  1. South Africa

While this country may not have been what most people were expecting from this list, the truth is that every passionate golfer must have heard about amazing golf courses in South Africa. This is particularly true for the idyllic Western Cape, which is simply unparalleled in its beauty and splendour. In fact, this place is a close contender for the ultimate African golfing region, right alongside Morocco. As for the places worth visiting here, the famous Leopard Creek and Pearl Valley should be near the top of any list. Moreover, this visit can also be customized by those who always wanted to go to the safari but never actually had the chance to do so.

  1. Austria

At the end of the day, all those who are interested in golfing in Europe (mainland), should definitely pay a visit to Austria. This is really ironic, seeing as how golfing is an activity mostly reserved for the ‘greener’ part of the year. Alongside Austria’s famous ski courses, this country suddenly becomes the place to visit in Europe, regardless of the season. Aside from this, golfing in Austria is also fairly frugal, especially when compared to some other tourist hotspots around the world.

In conclusion

What’s most interesting about changing your golfing scenery a bit is the fact that it also helps you keep the experience fresh back at home. Upon your return, you might find yourself so accustomed to the course that you’ve just visited, that you’ll have to master your home course almost from scratch. In other words, with every golfing trip you take, you get to reap double-fold rewards, which is, on its own, a good enough reason to travel.



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