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"Art" chooses the class

Most schools abroad and most schools in the country today allow you to choose a class at the time before the new semester. There may be some more rigorous programs, which require more required courses (required courses) than elective courses, however, in most cases, you can still choose the time of classes, teachers, and subjects. As soon as you start choosing a class, practice the mind of the consumer (consumer) because every time you step into the classroom is one time you invest (time, tuition, effort). Therefore, you must make sure this is the most interesting class, helping you to expand your knowledge, and taught by the best ethics and knowledgeable professors. Do not choose any class that you do not like just because there are many classmates who register with that class or that subject easily gets good marks.

Every year, as soon as the scheduled course schedule is uploaded to the school site, I start talking to everyone. I often ask the administrative staff if the subject is likely to return to the next semester/school year, is there a requirement for prerequisites to get that subject, is the teacher good … I also contacted the lecturer to ask for syllabus in advance for reference, this is also an opportunity to introduce myself and get to know new professors. I speak with classmates who have taken the class I am considering or have worked with the instructor for that information for more information. If I could not make a decision before the school year, I would try some of the classes in the first session to see the content, style of lecturers, and the atmosphere of the class, then finish 3-4 courses. the most reasonable to follow. It is important to follow the schedule for dropping/adding new classes because in many schools, after the deadline (usually 1 week before the start of the term) you are not allowed to apply for additional classes or if you skip classes have to pay a fine.


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