Anybody Work Here?

Virily reminds me of one of those  dodgy businesses where you spend most of the time looking for someone to help you.

As any badly run business,  customer service isn’t important.  Hiding from ones creditors, is important.

Since the beginning of the month of August my account has been ‘pending’.

I  earned $2.98 in July and despite posting articles, taking quizzes, reading articles, making and receiving comments, etc….I STILL HAVE $2.98.

I have tried to contact Administration on numerous…NUMEROUS occasions.

Of course I can’t get through!

Expecting users to be stupid, expecting them to think there are glitches, the message you try to send to Admin bounces.   You can try to send it for the rest of your life, but like your ‘pending’  earnings, it won’t work.

The fact is until this site stops trying to cheat the users,   it will always be near impossible to contact Admin and one’s earnings will always be ‘pending’.

The writer, has no rights.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. I post maybe 4 items every day. I comment, reply, do quizzes. From August 1 my earnings are ‘pending’.

    This is to allow Admin to play with my money so I won’t be paid. BTW…. if the site was moderated, they would have read the article… and not published.

    Two points proved; moderation is shorthand for ‘delay publication’ and ‘pending’ means…’we’re robbing you.’

  2. I half heartedly agree. I still have not earned any money on this site because I have not posted often enough and commented often enough etc. But I have to say I still enjoy it because I am reading some good post. But when the times comes for me to cash out and if I have to wait too long for it to come through I might just join you in your revolt.

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