An Interesting School

I saw the photo and thought, what an amazing classroom! I wonder if the crows are teaching the eagle something or if the eagle is teaching the crows.  A little lesson from nature.

You may have noticed that I am feeling like I live in isolation is a very busy and active world. It is time to decide if I just take care of myself and plow on through or just stop. Not so long ago there were dreams, goals and ideas. It comes to a point where one makes a decision to fade away or just do it all themselves.

The school of life is a tough one. There was a time when I felt like the rape was the worse thing in my life. It’s not even close. My grandson share this with me today. 

At least it was the “clean” version.

What has this life really turned into. Do the eagles and crows have a message?


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter