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An act of heroism in Salt Lake City gets rewarded

Joanna Kingston is very thankful that Brad Fritz was at the right place at the right time in Salt Lake City to prevent an attempted carjacking by a stranger who was angry that Joanna who was taking her three children Janice, 9, Jane 10, and Jack 12, to a birthday party had gotten his attention to get out of wandering on the street.

The man answered the request to get out of the way by attempting to carjack Joanna’s auto that she was driving by grabbing her while she was inside the auto wearing her seatbelt so he could steal her auto that had her three children inside.

Since Joanna was not able to lock her door in time, the suspect grabbed her by the neck which caused intense pain to let go of the steering wheel and get out of the auto concerned for the safety of her children since she feared that the alleged carjacker had intentions of harming her children and herself by grabbing the car keys before he could leave the area with her children.

What happened next was that Brad Fritz who was an eyewitness and he may have children of his own or even grandchildren decided to intervene on the behalf of Joanna and her children by driving his white truck in front of Joanna’s auto and block the carjacker from leaving the area with Joanna’s auto and her children.

Brad admitted that there was no way under his watch was he going to allow a carjacking to happen on his watch.

Salt Lake City Police came to the scene of the crime to arrest the alleged carjacker (Under our laws a suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law) and take him to jail on charges of attempting to carjack an auto among other charges related to the incident.

Salt Lake City police executive officer Gary Keller mentioned that Brad is a hero and a Good Samaritan for his actions to prevent a carjacking in a news conference in his honor on Friday.

The best part of this story is that Joanna gave Brad a reward of a basket filled with fruits as a way to thank him for being her hero.

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