Alberobello … Italy ??

Alberobello … Italy

Alberobello is a city and municipality in Italy, located in the Italian region of Apulia, province of Bari. The town is located 45 km south of Bari, is located in a mountainous area, and according to the 2007 census there were about 11,040 inhabitants.

Alberobello is known for unique buildings called “trullo” or “trulli”. Trulli Alberobella are a unique example of prehistoric construction without binders, solely of irregular pieces of limestone stones from the surrounding fields, characteristic pyramidal shape, domed or domed roofs covered with limestone slabs. Considering that this group of buildings is one of the few such untouched examples of prehistoric architecture that survived to modern times, the Trulli of Alberobello came on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Europe in 1996, and even has a trulli church, church, church in the city. of St. Anthony.


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