A Friend that Never Talks

It has been 6 years that I had stayed in Tajikistan. I am in realization as of this time. I am just imagining the situation when a volunteer placed to their own placement. How do they survive in such a situation in a different world? I guess some of them put on a different scale. The only thing that clings to their mind is how to survive. I don’t complain much, I always take it as a challenge. Now, it is my time to build my own world here in the Philippines. I may say I was given a great opportunity to be there. It is a priceless act that other people cannot understand why I need to go to volunteerism.

The best thing here in my placement, you can be amazed by everything. The kids here are all scattered outside and they go every door to ask for a gift,.especially during Ramadan celebration. At some point, I felt overwhelmed by all the attention in Tajikistan. The new things seen and hear are surely treasured. If you will ask my story, it would be a never-ending story.

A smile makes a person happy. But for me, it is being insane. The only reason, I am starting to talk to myself while being solo in my placement. It is also a good thing that I had to write personal thoughts in my journal. I’ve done this long time ago since I was in College. It was my outlet for me since I was alone at that time.

Luckily, I had this baby dummy named “Jamshed” (Junior). I got it from a partner organization. The unforgettable memories, “me, myself and I “with baby junior stayed at my flat in Tajikistan. A dummy who made me survive to complete my medical mission in that country. He had done so many training demo actions for the medical practitioners can able to understand the importance of physiotherapy services for people with impairments or disabilities.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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