Tucker High School Exterior Tucker, GA April 2010

A custodian in Georgia is assisting students to get basic needs met

Carolyn Collins who is a custodian at Tucker High School in Tucker Georgia which is 25 miles away from Atlanta this unique way to assist all of the students who attend the school to meet their basic needs since a lot of the students that come from poor families in the area.

Four years ago Carolyn received the idea to assist students who were living with their mom inside her auto since they were homeless at the time.

Carolyn is using her smarts to use the resources to have what she calls her closet to supply free of charge like toothpaste, toothbrushes, food and supplies that she gives to the students free of charge as a way of assisting them to become better students and eventually productive citizens as adults.

The closet is located inside the school near the cafeteria at Tucker High School. Carolyn receives the supplies from either businesses in the area, donations from people in the area and supplies that Carolyn buys from second hand stores.

Carolyn is one person that has gained a reputation as a wonderful person that the students admire for her kindness of assisting students in need.

It is amazing to know that some schools in our nation are so poor that they have to receive material from a custodian who is doing her job to make students ready for the world by giving them their basic needs since she feels it is better for her to give out the basic needs instead of committing crimes in town and growing up bitter that no one seems to care for them.

It is nice to see a custodian who takes pride in her work of assisting someone in need, instead of singing the blues that being a custodian at a high school means that they are not valuable persons in our world since the view of custodians are they are at the bottom of the money chain.


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  1. I guess the word “Janitor” in America is taboo to use since we are living in a politically correct nation. Her duties are like a female janitor in America. It is a shame that some words like janitor are considered offensive to some people in America.

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