7 Tips on How to Crack CEPT Exam

If you are preparing for the CEPT University test, it is important to start preparations in advance because of the huge number of applicants and cut-throat competition. The post lists seven tips that can help in cracking the exam.

CEPT is the right place for students who want to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a natural and developed environment of human society as well as other related disciplines. CEPT University is based in Ahmedabad and has a good reputation with several students placed in prestigious companies in Indian and abroad. If you want to build a career in architecture, design or any other program offered by the CEPT, you have to crack the CEPT Exam. In this post, we list a few tips that can help you in qualifying for CEPT.

  1. As a CEPT aspirant, you must know the syllabus of the test. Instead, it should be on the back of your hands. Also, you need to be familiar with the pattern of the paper that will be set for the test by CEPT faculty. There are four major sections in the exam – Analytical & Logical Ability, Construction Awareness, English, and Drawing Ability. Prepare for all the sections well.
  2. Taking a closer look at the last year’s paper and trying to solve it within the time limit build confidence as well as help you in preparing better for the test. Once done, check the answers and correct all the mistakes while ensuring that you won’t repeat them later.
  3. The CEPT test paper might be longer. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself with the tricks to finish the paper within the stipulated time. The best way to increase your speed is by solving lots of mock test papers.
  4. CEPT test is held in June or July, so students have almost three months to prepare for it after the board exams are over. If you want to study on your own, solve the mock test papers. Enrolling for a crash course at CEPT coaching institute could be a good way to increase your chances of cracking the exam. As these institutes have experienced teachers, they can help students take the right approach and prepare for CEPT Exam in a better way.
  5. If you are interested in taking up an interior design or civil engineering program, it is good to get in touch with civil engineers and interior designers who have already made it big in the industry. They will give a detailed insight into what’s new in the field and increase your confidence to prepare well for the test.
  6. Competitive exams are different from board exams. The more informed and well-read you are, higher the chances of clearing the entrance. Thus, you need to read a lot of books to improve general knowledge and find out what’s new in your field of interest. In addition to reading books, you should also create Google alerts and read blogs that are related to the field that you are passionate about.
  7. Last but the most important tip. Creating a routine and sticking to it is the key to success. So, make sure you have a study plan, and everyday routine prepared that will help you get through the difficult CEPT exam.

Getting admission in CEPT is your first step towards successful professional life. Make sure that you religiously follow the above-listed tips and dedicate the next two-three months after board exams to prepare for the entrance test. We are confident that your sheer dedication and hard work will reflect in CEPT results and you will get admission in the program that you always wanted to pursue.


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Written by Vijay Pathak

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