7 SPARK-Certified Childcare Centres in Tampines

The early childhood years serve as the building blocks for educational achievement. If parents can’t be 100% present to guide their children’s development, enrolling them to a childcare facility makes a great idea.

While hiring a nanny is another option, putting a child in childcare can be more beneficial for both parents and kids. Childcare centresoffer professional services that can enhance a child’s development, establishbasic life foundations and foster school readiness.

So if you’re among those parents who can’t juggle work and family, stop being hard to yourself. There are many childcare and day care in Singapore that can look after your little munchkin while you’re working hard to provide his needs.

However, it’s best to choose one with SPARK certification. The Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework (SPARK) is a quality assurance framework that’s designed to assist pre-schools in improving their quality of teaching.

The SPARK certificate is awarded to centres with strong teaching and learning practices, integrated curriculum and effective pedagogies that support every child’s holistic development.

In this blog, we’ll share some of the Spark-certified childcare in Tampines. Hint: the last one looks promising!

Bright Juniors

Tampines is among the most populated residential areas in Singapore. No wonder educational centres and institutions are dominant in this region, in which Bright Juniors is one.

This childcare facility holds true to its name. It nurtures young learners holistically by equipping them with basic life knowledge, teaching them independence, engaging them in active learning, and building strong foundation skills.

Carpe Diem Young Minds 

Short for CDYM, Carpe Diem Young Minds is another centre that provides childcare in Tampines.

At Carpe Diem, the teaching professionals aim in shaping young minds and preparing them for life in school and beyond. They helplearners developstrong bilingualism and experience joyous childhood while learning.

Just Kids 

By just seeing its name, you will know that this learning place loves kids that much. What more if you discover its tagline: because we love kids.

Just Kids is situated at 305 Tampines Street 32 and operates Monday to Friday; full hours. It assures parents an enjoyable and enriching early learning experience for their kids, thanks to its fun and learning environment.

Loveshine Childcare 

Love truly shines at Loveshine Childcare because the children are put at the centre of all the nurturing initiatives and curriculum discussion.

This childcare in Tampines intends to meet every child’s developmental needs—physical, emotional, social, cognitive and aesthetic. Apart from that, it also imparts moral values, instilsa passion for learning and most importantly—establishes a parent-centre partnership.

My First Skool 

My First Skool has probably the quirkiest name. If you’re going to take it literally, it will be your child’s first school.

Here, learning is also made fun and engaging. It takes pride in its holistic curriculum and learning resources, as well as activities that will captivate the minds of students and encourage them to learn.

My World 

A child is every parent’s world. They fill a home with joy and positivity, making them worthy of everything good in this world including education.

At My World, you will never have to worry about your child’s welfare and academic development. This institution envisions to become the childcare of choice that builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.


Children are like stars; they’re special and shining in their own ways. If you want your child to shine the brightest, put him to a school that will nurture their talent, skills, and abilities.

NurtureStars is among the childcare in Tampines with nurturing programmes. It exposes young learners to exploratory play wherein they can use cloth and board books,mats, soft-gyms and wall bars. The childcare facility alsofacilitates customised activities and interesting games.

Choose the Right Childcare

The importance of early childhood education can’t be overstated. A child’s early years are crucial to his development, so choosing the right childcare is indeed necessary.

If you’re residing in Tampines, choosing a centre for your kid will never be a problem. The area is rich in childcare facilities that can focus on the physical, social, and mental developments of young students.


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