6 Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving doesn’t need to be a headache! Sure, there is a lot to coordinate and think about, but it can be stress-free with the right tools under your belt. Check out our tips below for a smooth move. 

  1.  Stay Hydrated 

Honestly, this is a tip for life; everything is better and smoother if you keep your body hydrated! Unfortunately, many of us live in a state of constant dehydration, which leads to increased feelings of mental and physical fatigue. 

During a move, thinking clearly, making decisions effectively, and staying on your feet with energy will make all the difference in helping things feel like they’re moving smoothly. So start making small changes now to stay hydrated daily as you prepare for your upcoming move. 

  1. Declutter

The days and weeks leading up to your move are the perfect time to start parting with items that you don’t need, don’t use, or that no longer spark joy for you. It’s worth spending time figuring out what you care about and want to take with you before moving your belongings to a new home. If you’re ready to part ways with a few of your belongings, consider selling them online, having a yard sale, or donating them. 

  1. Get Movers

A lot of the physical stress of moving comes from packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking all of your furniture, clothing, and so forth. Because you don’t know how to pack kitchen items or any kinds of stuff you own, moving companies will significantly reduce the stress of a move. Using moving companies will significantly reduce the stress of a move. Plus, many relocation companies are affordable. 

Whether you’re looking for moving companies Austin, TX or a business mover in Orlando, FL, it’s best to start your search early. There are a lot of movers around the country, and you don’t want to get stuck with an unreliable company. 

  1. Communication & Labeling

If you are moving with a partner, friend, or relative, you’ll want to make an effort to use good communication skills. Even if you are moving by yourself, effective communication with your movers, future landlord, and anyone else involved in this process will serve you well. Communication gone wrong can lead to so many headaches, which is unfortunate as many of these undesirable conversations of missed communication moments can be avoided by speaking clearly and assertively. 

In the same vein, having all of your items or boxes clearly labeled will ensure that things end up where they’re meant to be. This goes beyond writing “Fragile” on the boxes holding your glassware. It means using brightly colored moving labels that indicate fragility and the room location that the boxes are meant to be unpacked in.

  1. Keep your motivation up!

Getting your belongings to your new home is really only the beginning. Once you’re moved in, it’s time to settle in, which is also time-consuming. A great way to keep yourself motivated is to create a list and prioritize the unpacking and organization of rooms that get the most use, like your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. 

Once those rooms are livable, consider what spaces you need for the routines and habits that help you feel grounded. Whether that’s catching up on your favorite show, making time for some at-home cycling, or beginning the day on your meditation pillow, make sure to create spaces that are usable fairly early. This will ensure that you can start to engage in the practices that give you energy and allow you to reset and approach each day with refreshed motivation. 

  1.  Think about the Housewarming 

You may be thinking it’s way too early to think about a housewarming party, but this should really be the final step of your move. You’ve made it to the new home, and all your stuff arrived safely, so what better way to reward yourself than to start thinking about how you’ll introduce your friends and family to your new home. Having something like a small housewarming gathering to look forward to can be just the thing to keep you feeling energized and motivated at the tail end of your moving project. 

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful! Be proactive in planning your move in such a way that makes the process feel smooth and seamless. You will not regret following any of the suggestions above. 


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