Improve Communication Skills Using Emotional Scale

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Improve Communication Skills Using Emotional Scale

Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at 7pm to 8pm.

32 people showed up on this Zoom Webinar. I decided to check it out for fun to see what they say.

Emotional tone scale and communication relationship. It depends on how well the person communicates. There are many emotional tone levels. How do you feel about yourself when you are alone with yourself?

“Every person at any given time is at one of these Emotional Tone Levels. “Tone” meaning the quality of something. One’s skill in communication is directly related to one’s level on this Tone Scale. The reason a person isn’t able to communicate as well as they would like to – feel anxious about it, nervous, gets triggered easily, etc. – is because they are lower on this emotional tone scale. And the reason one is been dragged down on this Emotional Tone Scale is due to negative experiences one has experienced – breakups, relationship failures, rejections, upsetting things (or as serious as traumas, deaths, divorces, etc). Breaking things, getting very angry, anxious, fearful, not able to communicate or having irrational emotions – all derived from this reactive mind.”

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