Housewarming Party Ideas for Your Family and Friends

A traditional housewarming party is an excellent opportunity to introduce your family and friends to your new home. You probably thought your house would never get done back when you were deciding on vinyl vs laminate flooring, but here it is completed and beautiful. It is a chance to bond and have some fun. You might be worried about the cost of holding a housewarming party. Fortunately, that’s no reason to despair. With these handy tips, you can make your next housewarming party a smashing success.


Potluck as a housewarming party idea is something that most people will enjoy. It is also one of the easiest to plan and throw. You have to be able to let people bring their favorite dish. The potluck can then be divided into different groups or potluck, and each group has another person or couple to serve each.

It can be enjoyable if you have your potluck in the kitchen where everyone can eat various dishes. Another way to make it even more satisfying is to include some games and prizes for the winners. The rewards can be dinner at a restaurant for two or gift cards to local shops.

Map Location Game

Another idea that you can use to throw a fabulous housewarming party for your relatives or friends is to hand out some personalized invites. Make sure it has the new address and a map to find your new home. This can be a fun game to test your friends and family’s geographical competence.

You can either buy these invites from online stores or even craft your own by cutting out some pieces of paper and adding some stationery and glitter to them. Then you can either print them out or even write them out on card stock.

When they get to their house, they have to take the map to their new home and hand it to their new neighbors. This is one of the most classic housewarming party ideas out there and can work for about any type of couple.

Turn Your House Into a Temporary Exhibition

And finally, another excellent housewarming party idea is to turn your house into a museum. This can be done by making your home look more like the new home. For example, use different types of artwork you have collected over the years.

Instead of using white bedroom furniture for a traditional black-and-white theme, match your painted furniture to the color scheme of the rest of your house. Or instead of using white paint for walls and furniture, choose neutral colors for your house décor.

Have a Décor Game

It is a great idea to ask your guests to submit ideas for new designs for your home’s decor. This is because you want to have a wide selection of choices for them to choose from. After all, the purpose of decor is to add color and style while also providing comfort to the people who enter your home.

There are many different types of ideas you could use for decor. You need to be creative when coming up with ideas to incorporate into your home’s design. The best way to ask your guests for ideas is by surveying the various rooms that you will be using in your home.

Be sure to include the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, family room. Ask your guests about anything you think could be used in your home to make it look great. This includes furniture ideas and color schemes. Their feedback will give you a wonderful assortment of home decorating ideas that you can use to create the perfect look for your new home.

These housewarming party ideas will help you get ready for your upcoming move. If not, at least you’ll know what not to do. Before you plan any housewarming parties, find out which new neighbors will be coming to your new home. If you’re close to work, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invite all your co-workers to celebrate the occasion. You can even give each guest a “house” to stay for the night if they decide to keep up a little longer than expected.


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