5 Exterior Issues That Could Damage Your Home’s Interior

Is your house brand new? Or is it newly remodeled? Were you able to monitor its construction or renovation? Whatever the case, I hope you did a thorough check-up and were able to spot some structural issues that may pose a threat to the integrity of your home. Spotting them early on can help you save money through necessary repairs rather than spending a fortune to completely fix them like your constructing from the beginning.

Prevention is easier than curing, is what most health professionals always say, but that can also be applied to homeowners. Preventing your valuable property from incurring damage is better than having it fixed. Serious repairs not only takes time, but it also requires a lot of money.  

Exterior issues may be something that is only relevant outside, with many people thinking it can be avoided and ignored, but its effect slowly creeps inside and can eventually damage your interior. To help you know what you should be wary about, here are some common exterior issues that could damage your home’s interior

Uneven Foundation

Do you see a significant number of cracks in the walls? Are your doors making scratching sounds when used? There is a chance your house foundation is uneven. And that spells disaster when you don’t react fast.

An uneven and shifting foundation will be a continuous nightmare if you don’t do anything to resolve it fast. For early-onset foundation damage, you would only need around $1,000 to solve it. But if things like cracked walls, uneven floors, separating and problematic windows and doors, cracked tiles and rotting wood becomes present, then you can expect your bill to go up astronomically.

Leaking Roof

Depending on the type of material used for your roof, it can last from 20 up to 30 years. Proper maintenance is a must if you want your roof to stay strong and reliable throughout the years. But if your roofing system is improperly installed, then you are in for a lot of headaches due to occasional or even regular leaking problems.

A damaged roof can lead to leaking problems which in turn can cause water spots in the ceilings and water entering your walls and foundation. Water turns to moisture and when too much moisture occurs, mold, weakened structure, not to mention occasional flooding will occur inside your house.

Faulty Drainage System

After a heavy downpour, do you see multiple small pools of water around your house? If you do, there is a big chance that you have a drainage problem. Water should flow right to canals and sewage drains and not pool. In the long run, this water issue may result in holes in your garage and driveway and even cause your house foundation to deteriorate.


You should not just be cleaning it in spring; gutters need to be clean and unclogged regularly. This important water draining system is easy to clog due to the debris like leaves, twigs and other things caught by winds or rain.

A problematic gutter, meaning unclean, clogged, or leaking, may result in roof damage, pest infestation, and damage to fascia, water leaking to the walls and eventually to the house structure foundation.

Unsecured Soffits and Fascia

Do you see water damage to your soffits and fascia? You need to act fast if you don’t want parts of it dangly around the next time you see it. Damaged soffits and fascia not only lead to water leaking problems but it also invites critters like mice, and insects to stay in your cozy house.

Properly installed soffits and fascia can stand the test of time and weather. Proper gutter cleaning and roof maintenance also helps achieve their longevity.


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