9 Tips to Effectively Clean Your Home

Is ‘be more organized’ one of the items on your New Year’s resolution list? Are you determined to make your house neat and tidy and keep it that way forever? Your initiative and willingness make for a great start and we are here to provide you with some practical ways of effectively cleaning your home. While you probably already have a routine when it comes to cleaning, try to implement some of these tips into it. If you have some spring cleaning hacks, make the most of them as well. They do not have to be used only in the spring and they can help you keep your house spotless all year round. Here we go!

Create a Plan

If you intend on cleaning the whole house, you need a plan. There are several ways how you can get this done. While you could deal with each room completely before moving to the next, you can also decide to group similar tasks together. Bear in mind that not everything has to be done in a day. If you feel like your house is really cluttered or dirty, take several days to thoroughly deal with each problem.

Get Rid of the Clutter

If you decide to group the cleaning process by activity, you should definitely start by removing all the clutter from your home. Go through each drawer and get rid of all papers, wires and miscellaneous items you do not need. Do the same with clothes; if something does not fit, is ripped or you don’t like it anymore, dispose of it. You can do this with bigger elements as well. For example, if you’ve been planning on getting a new microwave, now is the time to say goodbye to your current one. If any of your furniture pieces are torn or no longer match your aesthetic, replace them. When it comes to waste disposal, you can hire a skip bin or a container and load it with everything you no longer need in case you want it all gone at once. On the other hand, if you have the time to sell or donate your possessions, you can also do that.

Organize the Things You Have

Once you’ve decided on what you will keep, it’s time to systematize everything. Fold your clothes and linens, organize your books and papers, arrange your kitchen utensils in a useful way, separate items with a similar purpose into containers – basically, make everything easily accessible.

Dust Everything

Get some microfiber cloths and dust everything, from left to right and from top to bottom. Check the whole house for cobwebs and remove them with dampened cloths. Don’t forget about tops of appliances, light fixtures, fans, picture and mirror frames. Moreover, each trinket that is displayed should be dusted.

Vacuum the Whole House

When vacuuming, it’s important that you reach those hidden spots. Once you vacuum the furniture pieces, make sure to go under them as well. Sometimes, we are not even aware of the dust that collects there.

Clean the Windows and Wipe the Surfaces

Apply some streak-free glass cleaner and wipe the windows with newspapers. You can also use a squeegee. When cleaning TV and computer screens, you can use a cotton cloth with a bit of glass cleaner. While doing this, you should also wipe down all counters and tables.

Mop the Floors

You are probably aware that you should start at the farthest corner and move toward the door backwards. You should rinse the mop after a few swipes and change the water as soon as you see a smudge.

Scrub the Kitchen Appliances and Bathroom Elements

You can go to the toilet, spray the elements with the cleaner, and leave it for some time while you do another task. Once you return, scrub the sink, tub and toilet. The kitchen also needs a good scrubbing. If the microwave or the oven is greasy, clean it. Wipe every appliance and cabinet on the inside and outside.

Clean the Carpets and Curtains

You can take area rugs outside and beat them with a broom. If needed, you can take them to a cleaner. Vacuum your carpets regularly and if you notice a stain, there are many easy ways how you can remove them, including carpet shampoo and powder. Moving on to the curtains. Depending on their type, you can either hand or machine wash them, steam clean them or vacuum them.

Here are some bonus tips for you. Wash all dirty linens and clothes as well as dishes. Take out the trash. Make your bed. Invest in an air purifier. Polish the floors. There are so many little things that can do a lot for your home. Come up with a plan and get cleaning. You got this!

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