25 Innovative Journalism Ideas

Summarize your day in 20 phrases or less.

Write one phrase throughout the journal web page that first-rate describes your day.

Write out the lyrics to your favourite track or print them out and paste them into your magazine.

Draw a photo.

Write a poem.

spoil all those writing and grammar guidelines and journal in your own unique fashion!

Print out a duplicate of an instantaneous Message chat that you had together with your pal or your determine, and paste it into your magazine.

Compose a song.

Write on your journal using colorful markers, colored pencils or maybe crayons!

Cut and paste your favored snap shots from magazines into your magazine.

Paste craft objects into your journal (test along with your mom, aunts, or instructors for things you can use).

Brighten your magazine with paint.

Paste stickers for your magazine.

Include quotations by using your favorite famous person or someone you recognize. you may find fees on line or in books from the library.

Report crucial events in records.

Draw a cartoon.

Record crucial news from the day.

Discern out how many days are left till your thirteenth birthday or your sixteenth birthday or your 18th, 21st, 33rd, 47th, 53rd or 111th birthday!

Interview a family member and file the interview in your magazine.

Interview a chum and report the interview for your magazine.

Write down three things that you’re thankful for.

Write down three things that definitely malicious program you.

Invent a groovy, new pronouncing and record in your magazine how and when you used it.

Invent an animal that no person except you has ever concept of before.

Draw a photograph of an animal that nobody besides you has ever visible.


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Written by Awais Arshad

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