10 Celebrities Moved Out of California

Monday, October 26, 2020

Ten celebrities have moved out of California in 2020. I think all these ten celebrities suck. The only celebrity I watched the most is probably Julia Roberts, and I only liked three of her movies. Elijah Wood is mostly known for doing Lord of the Rings movies. And, I have only seen 1 or 2 movies with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullocks as well as Mark Rufolo. I am not familiar with Chris Hemsworth’s work, Elon Musk, or Tommy Lee Jones. And, Joe Rogen and Ben Shapiro are annoying people on youtube. So, I think Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullocks probably have the biggest name on this list, although they aren’t that great as actresses. They are just personality figures promoting stuff on the media. 

Chris Hemsworth and his wife moved back to Australia.

Mark Rufolo and his wife moved to upstate New York with their kids.

Sandra Bullock has many homes, but prefers living in the south.

Elijah Wood moved to Austin, Texas.

Julia Roberts and her husband have moved to New Mexico to raise their three kids. They live on a ranch.

Tommy Lee Jones moved to San Antonio, Texas.

Ryan Reynolds and his wife went to a small town in New York to raise three kids.

Ben Shapiro has moved to Nashville, Tennessee.  (I am just aware of him on youtube, and his videos are annoying).

Elon Musk has moved to Nevada.

Joe Rogen, another annoying youtuber, is moving to Texas.


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