Why You Should Never Follow a Lazy Person

In life, you should never follow a sluggish person. Laziness will bring you to deep sleep. Every hard work has got an incentive. Where are you going in life? And what lifestyle are you living right now in order to reach there?

You should follow someone who is already a challenge to you openly. Everything in life worth achieving is worth determination, worth the effort, worth waiting. Don’t follow empty people. Don’t follow superficial people. Be vigilant of people who are more outer surface than their inner surface. When you look at them, they are more outside than inside, so be watchful when engaging with them.

Superficial communities have no groundwork and they have got no essence. Some of us we are trapped in existence because there is no religious leader in your existence. Pay attention to an important person. Respect this person, never argue with this person and never dribble this person. This is for your own good.

All enormous rulers who have accomplished impressive things had a diviner at their back. Who in your existence is your trainer, your steer, your instructor and your adviser? You cannot thrive alone. To thrive extraordinarily, you require an extraordinary person in your life.

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