Which Diamond Shape Fits your Personality?

Did you know that there are 10 different cut-shapes for diamonds? In this way, every cut also fits a different type of woman. Read on and discover which shape best fits your personality!

1. Round Diamond

A round diamond is the most popular cut for engagement rings, because it sparkles enormously! This shape is very modern but also timeless. It can be combined in many ways, and therefore fits nicely in (almost) every ring. Do you choose this shape? Then you are probably a classic, timeless and traditional woman.

2. Princess Diamond

Princess Diamond is just like the round diamond, this cut is often used for engagement rings. Princess diamonds are always a good choice because they are so versatile. This also makes the choice for the style of the ring a bit easier.

If you like a princess diamond, you are probably looking for a ring that exudes something traditional, but with a modern twist. Are you trendy, flirty and spontaneous? Then this shape fits you completely.

3. Emerald Diamond

An emerald diamond has a rectangular cut shape in which both the pavilion and the corners are cut off, so very unique! Many people think that this cut has something like a staircase (see sides). This shape fits women who describe themselves as glamorous , confident and challenging.

4. Cushion-shaped Diamond

A cushion-shaped diamond has a square cut with round corners, which makes it look like a cushion. A century ago this was one of the most popular shapes. That is why this shape gives you an elegant and romantic feeling.

Do you want a cushion-shaped diamond? Then you are probably fashionable and romantic. This is also a well-known cut among celebrities.

5. Asscher Diamond

An asscher diamond is very similar to the emerald diamond, only the asscher is square and the emerald is rectangular. Asscher Diamonds are often found in antique stores. This is because this cut shape was very popular in the 1920s. They became very trendy again after Carrie Bradshaw had an asscher diamond on her finger after being engaged to Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City.

Do you wear an asscher diamond? Then you are certainly a unique, feminine and elegant woman.

6. Radiant Diamond

A radiant diamond is square or rectangular with polished corners. It is a combination of the clean lines of the emerald and the sparkling sparkle of the round brilliant. This shape is harder to find than the other shapes. As a result, it is not often used in an engagement ring.

Are you happy, flirty and confident? Then this cut fits you!

7. Heart- shaped Diamond

The heart-shaped diamond is really one of a kind. Are you looking for something that symbolizes your love? Then this is a very good choice.

Are you a sentimental, sensitive, romantic woman? Then this is the cut shape for you. Celebrities who enjoy wearing this shape are Joan Collins and Andrea Hissom.

8. Pear-shaped Diamond

The pear-shaped diamond looks like a raindrop; it is therefore a combination of the round diamond and the marquis cut shape with a pointed bottom. This pointed side should point to the wearer’s fingertips.

This is the perfect cut for unique, spontaneous and adventurous women.

How to buy an Engagement Ring?

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to be engaged, now you already know what type suits your other half, you must set a budget before you begin shopping. Consider the options that you can afford, without accumulating a debt. Petragems is the Best place to buy engagement rings for her. When picking a diamond, choose the color wisely. You need to know more and more about her to make a solid decision.


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